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    Albany Multi-Medicine Group
    Integrating Medical, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Decompression Therapy and Rehabilatation in one Convenient location.

    Our approach is designed to offer patients the services of several medical specialists in one facility, and to provide the most comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation available for a wide variety of conditions. Our team of physicians integrates physical medicine, physical therapy and chiropractic as the primary specialists evaluating and coordinating patient care.

    Personalized Care
    Our experience provides the most effective patient care.designed to restore the highest level of function possible.
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    Health & Wellness Program
       Call the office today, to sign up in advance, for any of the next
    Free Take Shape for Life Seminar(s);

    • Wednesday May 29th, 2013
      at 3:00pm

    Join the Take Shape For Life Program, call today to sign up, for a free seminar at our office. Making wellness a lifestyle focus often means-changing diet patterns, smoking cessation, minimizing alcohol consumption and avoiding stress. It's not always easy to make ...
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    Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Program
    Our team takes care of the smallest detail. Here one of our patients is receiving treatment on her neck.Our offices provide physical therapy, functional activities and therapeutic exercises according to individual needs.
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    ...having all my patient care needs under one roof saves me money and helps my back with improved wellness.
    I love their attention to my needs.

    » Jacob May, '12’

    The benefit of the gym at the same location of my physical therapy session works out great with my work schedule!
    » Stephanie July. '12’

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